Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drink up Spencer, you've got less work to do after the remand of Lupoli v. Jackson

Spencer Kagan Overruled Again in Lupoli v Jackson

"Because the judge here may not have understood the parameters of his discretion, we think the modification matter should be reheard....."

"The evidentiary basis for these findings is not apparent in the record, and the judge did not refer to the above submitted materials or the child support guidelines in his decision....."

"Conclusion. We vacate the two judgments of November 13, 2007, and we remand the matter to the Probate and Family Court for further proceedings consistent with this memorandum and order before a different judge. So ordered. By the Court (Lenk, Cypher & Cohen, JJ.), Entered: June 10, 2009."


Anonymous said...

LOL. Another decision overturned. This time by a Pro Se litigant. As we all know, Spen knows little about matrimonial law. Time to step down Spen and focus more time on your photo hobby.

Seeking Justice said...

No shit Sherlock, what a joke.

The joke is on the taxpayers.

Notice how silent Spencer's "backers" are now.


Anonymous said...

Spenny you creepy loser. What would your father say Spen?

Your days on the bench are numbered. You will have to step down once more information is revealed. LOL