Monday, August 31, 2009

Did you know there are Special Masters in Middlesex Probate Court who NEVER receive work?

Middlesex Probate Special Master List I know for fact that Special Masters are picked according to the whimsy of the political and economic system. I know for fact that there are some people on the list that are never called, while others receive calls all of the time.

The problem is that whenever there is a deviation from the order of the list, there is supposed to be a specific, detailed explanation of why.

Instead the Judges place their cronies and people with known, demonstrated bias into the mix to ensure the desired results and to line the pockets of their pals. I should have a copy of the list posted shortly. You never know who I know, and that's the fun part of this.


Seeking Justice said...

The thing is, after a post like this, the judges and some of the lawyers try to place blame on the victims and those who expose the corruption instead of doing the Right Thing themselves.

We're watching and monitoring everything.



Anonymous said...

I noticed that Charles Bowser is on that list. A master con man and alcholohic. Interesting list.