Monday, August 31, 2009

Did you know there are Special Masters in Middlesex Probate Court who NEVER receive work?

Middlesex Probate Special Master List I know for fact that Special Masters are picked according to the whimsy of the political and economic system. I know for fact that there are some people on the list that are never called, while others receive calls all of the time.

The problem is that whenever there is a deviation from the order of the list, there is supposed to be a specific, detailed explanation of why.

Instead the Judges place their cronies and people with known, demonstrated bias into the mix to ensure the desired results and to line the pockets of their pals. I should have a copy of the list posted shortly. You never know who I know, and that's the fun part of this.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drink up Spencer, you've got less work to do after the remand of Lupoli v. Jackson

Spencer Kagan Overruled Again in Lupoli v Jackson

"Because the judge here may not have understood the parameters of his discretion, we think the modification matter should be reheard....."

"The evidentiary basis for these findings is not apparent in the record, and the judge did not refer to the above submitted materials or the child support guidelines in his decision....."

"Conclusion. We vacate the two judgments of November 13, 2007, and we remand the matter to the Probate and Family Court for further proceedings consistent with this memorandum and order before a different judge. So ordered. By the Court (Lenk, Cypher & Cohen, JJ.), Entered: June 10, 2009."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spencer Kagan on a Holiday..... or on the prowl? Your tax dollars hard at work.

It looks for all the World that Spencer Kagan's main purpose in life is to use his taxpayer-derived salary to enjoy mixed drinks and post pictures of near-naked nubile females on the Internet. His wife is so accomodating.

Your tax dollars hard at work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You thought we went away?

No, we haven't gone away. We are closely watching everything, just stopped to reconfigure the upcoming video. Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Judge Spencer Kagan, Lee Levine and Bowser and sticky-fingered John Buonomo (indicted again) will watch the movie trailer this week.

Judge Spencer Kagan or someone else from the Commonwealth has visited this blog 23 times despite the fact that we've never emailed them about it. And Lee Levine and Bowser has checked in to this blog on five distinct occasions already, and we haven't even publicized this blog yet. The movie trailer is ready to be posted this week, and you had better believe that the opinions expressed and comments made by these intelligent, well-educated people -- including Governor Deval Patrick -- enjoy First Amendment protections and are supported by video and reams of paperwork. The statements will withstand any Constitutional challenges.

If you think TWICE INDICTED Former Middlesex Register of Probate John Buonomo (larceny of public funds, money laundering) is something, just stick around. We want to know if he or any other Court officers or Judges are involved in Title IV D money laundering and theft noted at the Larry Holland, Esq. blog. It happened next door in Maine, it sure could be happening RIGHT HERE.
Two Main Media Outlets Report More Thieving Title IV-D/CSE Employees ~ "Two separate reports have come out about a Maine Child Support Enforcement Worker (Title IV-D Employee) that has been stealing money orders from children the agency touts to protect. This most recent employee, who is now on administrative leave pending investigation, was reported as intercepting money orders and depositing them in her personal bank account."

Photo: Mark Thomson.

Thursday, March 5, 2009